Go Ahead and Cry

Don’t you just feel like crying sometimes? When life is hard, it can be absolutely overwhelming. The strength of will it takes not to cry can be exhausting.

So if you feel like crying, you just go right ahead. You will not fall apart and never get it back together. Cry. Surrender. When the tears are over, you will feel better and you can get on with your day and your life. You may even get a tidbit of insight after it is over. You may even feel encouraged.

If you feel like crying every day, please, reach out to someone for help. Call a friend or a suicide hotline. But if it’s only once in a while, don’t worry about it, and if the urge to cry is too powerful, then just give in and cry.

A handy tip: have a list of websites ready that (usually) make you laugh. I like Savage Chickens, for example, but some of the fail blogs or crazy cat videos on YouTube are good for a lol too!

One Response

  1. Joao

    That’s true, I think after being hurt time and time again showing any emotion towards those people will just be pleasurable to them. It is sometimes just best to turn and walk away. I’m also good at hiding the emotion but purely because I don’t want to give others the satisfaction of knowing they have hurt me. Keep strong.