Starting Over…

Happy New Year’s!

Okay, so it isn’t actually New Year’s Day, is it? But what if it was? Have you ever noticed how great it feels to start over? Possibilities float up. The idea of new beginnings excites us. Anything is possible, and today is a new day — not burdened by yesterday, and never to be repeated.

You can choose to make EVERY day a “New Year’s Day” — a day where you put the past behind and determine to make a new start today. Did you cheat on your New Year’s resolution months ago and give up on yourself? Don’t do that! It is never too late to start over. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt — forgive yourself — and start over.

Still feeling haunted by a mistake from your past? Let today be a “New Year’s Day” where you stop looking behind you and start living in the moment. (And of course, reading Love Your Skeletons will really help!)

I’m not a morning person, so even when I’m feeling good, I have to talk to myself for a while to convince myself to get out of bed. I think that setting the intention before going to bed that tomorrow is a new day helps! When you wake up the next morning, you might find it a little easier to leave the past behind and face the day with renewed courage.

Tomorrow is a new day