You Being You

I want to thank everyone who came out to my workshop last week! Thank you for being open, for being *present* and for your smiles and great questions! Let’s do it again some time!

Today, I came across this and just had to share:

Panache Desai quote

It is a quote from Panache Desai, from Discovering Your Soul Signature. It reminds me that although it is good to read books by others, and to want to change, it is important above all to learn to be yourself — to love yourself and to listen to your own guidance the most closely. And know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are the blessing to those around you and the world. YOU ARE a miracle!

If you’re wondering what a soul signature is, I believe it’s the unique and beautiful way you are in the world. It’s the precious, one-of-a-kind imprint you leave on those around you. It’s the wake of your vibration — like the wake of a boat moving along — as you go through your day!

Have a great day, everyone! Love you all. 🙂