The Value of Being Self-Centred

Did the title of this blog post throw you off? Well, I am not trying to deceive you, but it is important to be self-centred — centred in yourself — and I wanted to expand on that a little.

What does it mean to be centred in yourself?
It means that you know who you are. You know what you enjoy doing, and what you don’t particularly enjoy. You know what you are good at and what is best to leave for someone else to do. It doesn’t mean being conceited.

It means you know when you are acting in your best interest, and when you are acting toward your best goal/higher purpose. It means you are aware of your thoughts and how those thoughts make you feel. You can hear from your intuition any time you like. It means you don’t have to look outside yourself to make decisions.

It means you know what you want. A commercial you see on TV isn’t going to compel you immediately to start buying products or questioning your lifestyle. You know what physical things you want and what emotional things or life situations you want.

Most importantly, it means you are aware that your actions and thoughts (your physio-spiritual vibration) create your reality and you don’t blame anyone else for your situation.

Somehow along the way, many of us have lost track of the principle of cause and effect. When you do something, there is an effect. When you say something, there is an effect. When you think something, there is an effect. When you do, say or think something repeatedly, there is a greater effect. This shows up in many, many ways:

– actual, significant events in your life, such as getting/losing jobs
– how the people in your life treat you
– seemingly random events, like flat tires or hail storms
– painful events, like skeletons in your closet

Being self-centred is another way of saying you are self-aware. You are tuned in to what is going on in your life — you aren’t half-awake — and you are tuned in to what is coming your way. You can predict the future, somewhat, when you are truly self-centred. But only YOUR future. Why would you want to be messing around in someone else’s future anyway?

Ever watch Star Trek? Well, here’s one way I sometimes think of it: there are countless alternate realities within my reach at any given moment in time. How I chose to conduct this moment in time — the attitude I take and thoughts I think — determines which of the infinite realities I will live in for the next few moments. Only this moment matters. Only what I do matters. Only those things I am immediately interacting with in this moment are real (seeing, listening to, speaking about, touching, moving, etc.).

So how can you get in touch with your self more? Here are a few ideas:
– Spend some time alone, just breathing and being aware of your thoughts.
– Spend some time in nature.
– Spend some time alone in nature. 🙂
– Appreciate each day. Look for and/or journal about things that you find lovely, precious, enjoyable or otherwise good.
– Live in the moment more.
– Remind yourself there is a source of higher wisdom within you.