What if…

If you are unhappy with your life or yourself and you’re trying to figure out why, let me give you some things to think about:

What if…

  • What if everything you believe about yourself is not true?
  • What if something you believe about yourself is not true?
  • What if everything your parents taught you about how the world works was wrong?
  • What if something you are striving for is not attainable, not ever? Would you strive anyway?
  • What if stopped striving for anything and just allowed yourself to feel inner peace?
  • What if you accepted yourself fully? How would the world change?
  • What if you stopped caring about what you weigh, or how your hair looks, or what other people think of you?
  • What if you stopped checking your facebook?
  • What if you stopped watching the news? Or watching television altogether?
  • What if you started spending more time with yourself, learning how to love yourself?
  • What if you quit a job you hate, even though you don’t have another one yet? What if you believed that you could do something you love as a career?
  • What if some core belief that you have about yourself or about the world is just completely not true? What springs to mind when you read that? There is truth there…
  • What if you only spent time with people you truly enjoy?
  • What if you took more time to appreciate your spouse, and all your loved ones, and never again judged them?
  • What if you played the role of cheerleader for your closest friends?
  • What if you were able to loosen up some of your beliefs about relationships, and roles in relationships?
  • What if you let yourself relax, and not be so hard on yourself?

You have to understand, for half of these I am talking to myself! Maybe you will find some wisdom there… If one really speaks to you, leave a comment!

Ice crystals causing parhelia around the sun


Cue guitars….

I can’t get no-oo
I can’t get no-oo

If you are feeling dissatisfied with life lately, it could be because you are resisting the natural tendency toward growth. We are growth-oriented beings, but if you are nervous or afraid and backing away from life, even slightly or subconsciously, you may end up with a vague unhappy or unsettled feeling. Reconnect with the abundance of nature and the incredible beauty and power of gradual, sequential growth!

Everything grows, and so do we. Remember this saying:

The only thing constant is change.

When we spend too much time in a rut, either because we are afraid of change, or don’t think we have the ability or strength to grow through a situation, we usually end up bored and depressed. Embrace growth again by surrounding yourself with growing things like plants, baby animals, or the new sprouts in a garden. Marvel at it and know that your growth can be as effortless and smooth as the growth you see in nature.