Goodbye 2012, Hello New Year!

New Year’s is such a wonderful time of year! It is a time of remembering the year past, but more importantly, of new beginnings. Every day is the chance for a new beginning, but somehow it is more real at this time of year. Perhaps it’s because everyone is in the mode of making resolutions and thinking about personal growth.

Would it be too bold to suggest a good New Year’s Resolution? It’s utterly simple, and will change your life:

May I be more THANKFUL this year.

For myself personally: May I see the beauty in everything. May I always feel I have enough because I am focused on all the good things in my life. May friends surround me, and may I be ever-grateful for them. May I be a good friend to each one, always seeing the best in them and loving them fully, with no inhibitions. May I be thankful for my family and never lose sight of their special-ness. I am so lucky to have them! May I rant and rave about how amazing life is more than I rant or rave about anything else. May I live in love so much of the time, to be away from it is strange and uncomfortable. May I appreciate every thing about my physical surroundings, and never, ever complain about anything. May peace and wholeness surround me. May I learn to love myself more completely. May I perpetually live in the present, remembering to breathe and knowing the awesomeness of nature extends to everything in my life.